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China Single Phase Motor - renksng - 12-14-2020

What are single phase motors and what is their treatment?
According to the number of feeding phases used by electric motors to provide energy, we can distinguish between single-phase, two-phase and three-phase motors that have different powers to feed a great diversity of machines and tools.
When we talk about single-phase gear motors, we are referring to motors that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy through single-phase electrical power.
That is to say, the wiring of the piece is made up of only two wires that operate with a potential of up to 3Kw. This main characteristic makes them largely used for minimum powers, unlike other electric motors that have a higher voltage.
However, today there are certain single-phase motors whose power can reach up to 10 hp and operate through a 440V connection. Alongside with power, they always require the use of a capacitor for their starting due to the impossibility of creating a rotating magnetic field since they only do it by means of an alternating field.
Uses of single phase motors and some possible problems
Single-phase gear motors are recommended for basic electrical applications. Therefore, they are usually used in applications where the power supply is produced directly between the equipment and the network, such as in homes, commercial stores, small companies that do not work with large machinery such as refrigerators and commercial cold displays, offices, among others.
Among the most common uses of this type of motor we can highlight household appliances, commercial and home refrigeration, heating and ventilation, opening and closing systems on parking doors, utensils or power tools used in everyday life such as hammers, drills and others.
YL Series Single Phase Motor:
YL series single-phase capacitor asynchronous motor double value according to the national standard, the manufacture, has good starting and running perfromace, low noise, small volume, light weight, convenient maintenance, etc. Widely used in are compressors, pumps, water machine, refrigeration, medical machinery and small machinery. Use of only a single-phase power supply situation is particularly.
Technical Data of YL Series Single Phase Motor:China Single Phase Motor

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