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Melamine Powder quotation - ppdd1103 - 11-03-2020

Our History
Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd is located in Tongcun Town, Kaihua County, Zhejiang, China. Close to the Qianjiang source and Sanqing Mountain. Whose predecessor is Kaihua electrical insulating material general plant of Zhejiang Province. Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd founded in 1984, is one of the main manufacturing enterprises of urea moulding compound and phenolic moulding compound.
 Our Factory
Company currently has over 400 staffs with a floor area of 90 thousand square meters, owns such enterprises as Zhejiang Wanhua Melamine Products Co., Ltd and the Sino-US joint venture named Quzhou Qinyuan Plastics Co., Ltd.
 Our Product
Urea moulding compound, phenolic moulding compound, melamine moulding compound, melamine tableware, glazing powder, bocce ball etc.
 Product Application
Kitchenware handle, pot handle, switch, lamp holder and other low-voltage electrical appliances, insulation structure of instrument, daily necessities such as melamine tableware, domino, mahjong, false teeth, toilet seat cover and other sanitary ware.
 Our Certificate
 Production Equipment
6 automatic production lines and 8 semi-automatic production lines
 Production Market
The annual sales volume is 40,000 tons all over the country. The company has exported more than 20,000 tons to southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and Europe since it started its export business in 2009. The products have been exported to all over the world.
 Our Service
1. To provide customers with detailed technical reference, free sample testing
2. Strictly control the quality, on time delivery
3. Provide perfect follow-up guidance, if necessary, on-site guidanceMelamine Powder quotation