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Mist Spray Pump - نسخه‌ی قابل چاپ

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Mist Spray Pump - ppdd1103 - 11-03-2020

Fine Mist Dispensing Sprayer
Model: R501-33/410A-JAC
Product description
Regarding this Fine Mist Dispensing Sprayer , it has a dosage of 4+/-0.4ML/T. Neck size 33/410. This product is produced as per the global specifications, provided by our customers to satisfy their individual needs and requirements.
It is widely use in perfumes, essential oils, alcohol, aromatherapy, pillow mist, fresheners, deodorants, household cleaners, facial sprays and any other mixtures.
Product details
Product nameFine Mist Dispensing Sprayer
Brand nameRongsen
Quality CertificationISO9001-2015
Item CodeR501-33/410A-JAC
Discharge rate4.0+/-0.4ML/T
Functionair spray, body spray, air freshener, cleaning products, crafts, sunscreen, and oral care
Specification24/400,24/410,28/410,30/410,33/.410, smooth or ribbed for your options
MaterialPP is the major essential component, other is PE
AccessoryActuator, Ball, Stem, Chaplet, Gasket,
Closure, Piston, Sub-Stem, Spring, Housing, Dip Tube
ColorRely on your requirements
Dip Tube LengthDepend on the height of bottle
MOQ20,000 PCS for other color.
For White/Black/Natural color:10,000pcs
FactoryShantou China, South of China
SampleFreely provided
About us
Since 2006,we already established very firmed long-term business relation with tier one group customers from domestic and oversea markets. We will continuously develop more prospective products. our R&D Center,currently,we have more than 40 sets of devices,and more than50 highly experienced technicians working as 6 groups, as designing, producing, repairing,machining,QC,and assembling,8-10 molds can be made every month.
Our largest mold is 128 cavities,assembled by more than 3000 parts. Each mold will be routine checked every 15 days,and applied routine maintenanceevery 30 days. Molds material is from Swiss ASSAB. Parts material are from PUNCH and DAILY in Japan. The life time of each mold is 5 million times.
We have two machining centers(mechanical accuracy reached 0.01mm-0.02mm). With two numerical control lathes,machining efficiency is 3-5 times faster than regulars. Two WEDM-LS machines have 0.005mm-0.01mm accuracy by high temperature of more than 6000 degree Celsius to craft the parts.Mist Spray Pump