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China Crane Scale factory - totalped - 07-01-2020

OCS-MM Crane scale 1000kg:
1.30MM(1.2'')LED display with readability
2.High quality square die casting aluminum,sturdy and durable
3.With storing function for the present, it is convenient to record weight
4.Automatic dormancy/shutdown saving energy design
5.Weight accumulation and demanding function
6.Light weight aluminum alloy housing.

OCS-MM Crane scale 1000kg specification:
ItemOCS-MM Crane scale 1000kgs
Display30mm (1.2") 5digits LCD/LED
Zero Range4% F.S.
Tare Range20% F.S.
Stable Time≤10 seconds
Overload Indication100% F.S. + 9e
Max. Safety Load125% F.S.
Ultimate Load400% F.S.
Battery Life≥50 hours
Battery TypeFully sealed Lead-Acid battery, 6V/4.5Ah
Operating Humidity≤85% RH under 20°C
Remote Controller DistanceMin. 15m
Battery of Remote Controller7# AAA Size battery, 1.5V×2

OCS-MMCrane scale 1000kgAdvantages:
1. Mmaxy is a leading manufacturer in scale industry,Mmaxy is reliable for quality, delivery and after service.
2. Mmaxy crane scale features as precision,good quality and reasonable price.China Crane Scale factory

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