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نسخه‌ی کامل: Germany Standard In-line PRCD manufacturers
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Our History
Founded in 1985, specializing in the production of leakage protection products. Established in 1994. The expansion in 2000 has been in use ever since.
Our Factory
Located in the foothills of Yandang Mountain in the world of Qixiu, close to the 104 National Highway, 32 kilometers from Wenzhou Airport, with convenient water and land transportation, our factory specializes in the production and introduction of leakage protection plugs. At the same time, with scientific economic management and advanced technical equipment, it gradually takes over with the international market, based on the international market
The company is a company integrating scientific research, development, production and sales. The company specializes in the production of Chinese, European, Australian, British, American leakage protection plugs (English abbreviations PRCD and ALCI) and domestic leakage protection sockets, switches and other products. It is a manufacturer protected by intellectual property rights.
Our Product
Leakage protection plug, leakage protection socket, leakage protection switch, leakage protection
Product Application
Widely used in household appliances, industrial equipment-washing machines, large electric bathtubs, air conditioners, refrigerators, power tools, mechanical equipment, high-current equipment, etc.
Our Certificate
All products have passed domestic invention patents such as American UL certification, EU CE certification, German GS-BG, British BS-CE, and Chinese CCC certification
Production Equipment
Leakage detector, pressure tester, printing machine, injection molding machine, grinder, punch, combination wave instrument, automatic screw lock machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic pin machine, automatic winding machine, magnetizer , Computer cable machine, ultrasonic welding machine, spot welding machine, desktop press manipulator, etc.
Production Market
Sell well in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, Europe and domestic markets
Our Service
Pre-sales: Assist the buyer to do engineering planning and system requirements analysis, provide professional technical consulting services, and send professional technical personnel for technical communication
On sale: Provide product certificates and instructions in time, take full responsibility for issues such as supply, quality, product performance, etc. Product manufacturing, materials and product testing, inspection, and standards related to standard requirements are implemented, and conscientiously do regular project inspections, Manual operation test, continuity test of protection circuit, leakage current functional test, welding to achieve smooth and uniform, continuous, no virtual welding, leakage welding phenomenon, no welding through, cracks, undercuts, air holes, all welding must be checked one by one.
After-sales: within the prescribed quality assurance period, our factory shall remedy the defects and damage caused by the process, design problems or the use of defective materials, repair or replace it free of charge, the quality assurance period of the contract equipment of colleagues shall be based on the actual repair or The delay time for replacement (including re-completion of inspection and acceptance) will be extended accordingly. After the warranty period expires, we will promise to repair the equipment for free within 2 years (the freight is at your own expense)Germany Standard In-line PRCD manufacturers