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نسخه‌ی کامل: Ceramic Grinding Media suppliers
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Product Introduction:
With advantages of high hardness, good toughness, good erosion resistance, regular shape make the alumina ball, cylinder and widely used in ceramic industry, cement industry, paint industry, color industry, chemical industry, coating industry and mining industry, etc.
鈼?Chemical Composition
Wt%鈮?27 max鈮?锛?.1
鈼?nbsp;Typical Properties
Specific Gravity
g/cm3Bulk Density
Moh鈥檚Water Absorption
%Self wearing loss %
Alumina ceramic grinding cylinder/rod Sizes 桅: 12*12mm, 20*20mm, 30*30mm, 40*40mm, 50*50mm, etc.
Hexagonal Tile Sizes 桅: 12x3, 12x6, 19x7, 19x12.5, 19x25mm, etc.
1. Contamination free to the color and composition of the grinded material.
2. Technical support provided to optimize milling conditions
Filler material for plastic and paper product.
It is widely used in ceramic, cement, coating, refractory, inorganic mineral powder and other industries of ball mill lining and grinding media.
Production Details:
Workshop:Ceramic Grinding Media suppliers
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