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Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork. [url=http://www.footballarsenalstore.com/Women-Ainsl
Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork. Ainsley Maitland-Niles Jersey .com) - No Derrick Rose again, no problem. Although the Chicago Bulls had to fend off the shorthanded Philadelphia 76ers in the closing minutes. Mike Dunleavy had 27 points and the Bulls hung on for a 118-115 victory over the 76ers on Friday night. Our guys did a good job of recognizing he was going well, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said. Trailing by as many as 18 in the second half, Hollis Thompson and Chris Johnson hit 3-pointers in less than a 10-second span to cap a 13-3 flurry and pull the Sixers within a point. After Thompson hit his three with 14.9 seconds remaining, Kirk Hinrich missed two foul shots and Johnson swished a left corner trey to cut the deficit to 116-115 with 5.9 ticks on the clock. Hinrich then sunk two free throws with 2.1 seconds to go and Johnsons halfcourt heave at the buzzer was well short. Philadelphia played Fridays game with just nine healthy players. We want respect, we want to work hard, to have tenacity and spirit that reflects this city, Sixers coach Brett Brown said. The results will follow. Rose is still day-to-day with two sprained ankles and prior to the game, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau did not rule the star point guard out of Saturday nights game against the Boston Celtics. Rose originally sprained his ankles during last Fridays overtime loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and returned in Wednesdays game against the Milwaukee Bucks before tweaking the ankles. Jimmy Butler posted 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists, while Pau Gasol added 17 points and 12 boards for Chicago, which has won all three of its games without Rose this season. His backup Hinrich tallied 13 points and seven assists in the triumph. Tony Wroten netted 31 points to go with seven assists and five rebounds for the Sixers, who are one of two winless teams -- the Los Angeles Lakers are the other -- in the NBA. The game was tied 57-57 at the break before the Bulls began the third on a 21-5 run to seize control of the contest. Dunleavy nailed a trio of 3-pointers and netted 11 points during the burst, which was capped on Butlers putback layup to give Chicago a 78-64 cushion a little past the midway point of the frame. Chicago outscored Philadelphia 35-19 in the period and led 92-76 heading into the fourth. Earlier, Chicago took a 33-28 margin into the second before the Sixers started that frame on a 19-6 burst. Henry Sims put in six points during the swing, which he ended with a putback layup for a 47-39 Sixers advantage halfway through the stanza. Chicago closed the half on an 11-3 run to knot the tilt heading into the break. Game Notes Chicago shot 51.3 percent (40-of-78) from the field and 12-of-24 from beyond the arc ... Thompson had 21 points and Luc Mbah a Moute provided 16 points and 11 rebounds for the Sixers. Alexandre Lacazette Jersey . Maricopa County spokeswoman Cari Gerchick says thats the finding from an autopsy conducted Thursday by the county Medical Examiners Office. Hector Bellerin Arsenal Jersey . Carey Price made 27 saves for Montreal (30-21-6) for his fourth shutout of the year and second in four games. David Desharnais added an empty netter for the Canadiens. Reto Berra stopped 25 shots for Calgary (21-28-7). http://www.footballarsenalstore.com/Wome...Fc-Jersey/ .The Los Angeles Lakers star passed Michael Jordan for third on the NBAs career scoring list Sunday night in a 100-94 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.DZ: We noticed that you follow "Boring Sean Monahan" on Twitter. Do you have any good ideas for a new tweet for the account? CMD: No, but that account is pretty funny (laughs). I guess you just gotta think of something real boring and tweet that. DZ: Have you found him to be anything like that in real life (laughs)? CMD: Ive only met Sean one time at the summer camp two years ago. I had a lot of fun with him, I thought he was a hilarious guy. Hes a pretty monotone guy, so I can see why they would think maybe hes boring, because hes just so monotone and calm all the time. But hes a hilarious guy and hes a good guy. Ran into a few of my fans.. #WrongBrother? pic.twitter.com/sYcgPqBm3A — Cam McDavid (@CamMcDavid) October 15, 2013 DZ: When asked, youve made it known that your brother Cameron has been there to help you develop as a hockey player. But how would your brother do as your wing man at a party? CMD: I think he would do pretty well. Hes got a very good looking girlfriend and I think he does pretty well for himself that way. Him and girls kinda go together, so I think he would do a very good job at a party. DZ: Is there anything you dont get to do that teenagers your age do get to do that you wish you could? CMD: No, not a whole lot actually. I get to do basically everything the same, I guess the one thing Id say is the social media aspect is a little bit different. My friends can kind of tweet whatever they want and obviously I dont have that luxury. But I wouldnt want it any other way. DZ: Speaking of Twitter, do you ever read the tweets people send you? Whats the strangest one youve received and whats the strangest one youve responded to?</br></br> CMD: I dont do a whole lot of responding to tweets, I just think its better that way and I try not to read much of the stuff about me. But I have noticed a couple of the odd ones. Couple of weird ones would be people who have made pictures of me in different jerseys. Ive seen myself in a Florida jersey, Ive seen a Flyers jersey, a Sabres jersey, so I always thought that those were pretty odd. Some fans were spotted in Oilers Connor McDavid jerseys at Flames vs. Sharks game last night. http://t.co/4xAZC49ywQ pic.twitter.com/0hOgLS7qIi — BarDown (@BarDown) November 27, 2014 DZ: What do you think when you see that people have actually made these jerseys in real life before youve even been picked? CMD: I think thats just crazy. The way it works now theres no real sign where youre going to go. Even if a team does get the first overall pick, it might not be me, you know? Theres a whole lot of talent out there, you never know where youre going to end up. So for people to go out and buy jerseys and all that kind of stuff, its very flattering obviously, but its a little bit crazy (laughs). DZ: When you accidentally like someones picture on Instagram, are you someone who would “unlike” or do you just own it and say "meh whatever"? CMD: Nah, unlike it as fast as you can. Thats always pretty awkward when youre on a good creep and you get one of those "52 weeks ago." Its pretty embarrassing when that happens, so I generally try and unlike it and hope they dont notice. DZ: Top three musical artists youre listening to right now. CMD: I like the new song Heroes (Alesso). Thats a big one, thats probably my favourite song right now. Im a big country guy. DZ: Is there any particular song that you listen to pre-game that pumps you up? CMD: Id say thats Heroes right now. Listen to it once and it gets me going. DZ: Its clear that you were born to play hockey, picking up on all of the fundamentals naturally when you were younger, but is there any sport youud say youre flat out awful at? CMD: (laughs) Yeah, golf. Bernd Leno Jersey. DZ: (laughs) Lots of slicing going on? CMD: Yeah, Im a lefty and its terrible. Youve gotta be a good golfer if you play hockey, but I dont think Ive mastered that skill, my golf game is very, very average. DZ: Whats your favourite highlight reel goal or play from the past couple years? CMD: I think the first one would just be the Plymouth goal last season. It was one of those ones where I didnt think I had him at all and then made a couple of moves and all of a sudden I was around. You know, looking back I really have no idea what happened, really (laughs). So I would say probably that one. DZ: Do you play NHL 15 at all? CMD: Yeah, of course. DZ: Which team or teams do you usually pick if its a "Ive gotta win this" type of game. CMD: Chicago or Pittsburgh. Those guys usually win the game and they have some pretty fun players to play with online. DZ: Good real life teams, even better video game teams (laughs). CMD: (laughs) Yeah, exactly. DZ: Has any pro reached out to you with advice of what to avoid when you finally do turn pro? What was the advice they gave? CMD: Ive been pretty lucky to have some guys reach out to me. Guys like Sam Gagner, John Tavares and that kind of thing. But they havent talked too much about the outside stuff of being a pro, they just talk about being a professional athlete and what it takes and all of that kind of stuff. All of them have pretty different advice and Im pretty lucky to have guys like that reach out to you. #Oilers fans want Connor McDavid. pic.twitter.com/fZ5x8nBoti — Painful Living. (@TheCityOfChamps) December 5, 2014 DZ: What are your thoughts on when you hear teams might be "tanking" to pick you in the draft? Are there any teams where youd go "I wouldnt mind if they didnt too well and ended up picking me?" CMD: I dont think any teams tank, or anything like that and I just think theres a couple of not so good teams. (laughs) Its the NHL really, so it doesnt really matter where you go, so Im not cheering for anyone or anything like that. Any team that takes me its a tremendous honour and a dream come true. DZ: One of the other three Daniels that work at BarDown is a Newmarket native, so I would be remiss to not ask this. Favourite celebrity from Newmarket? Jim Carrey? John Candy? Brian Elliot, the Blues goaltender? CMD: Jim Carrey I would say. I just saw Dumb and Dumber To a few days ago, it was hilarious, hes hilarious. So I would say hes my favourite Newmarket celebrity. DZ: Why have you chosen to be a Canadian Tire partner athlete and Jumpstart Ambassador? CMD: Part of it was working with such an iconic Canadian company and being a Jumpstart ambassador provides a great opportunity for me to continue to inspire young athletes, to get involved in sports. The work theyre doing to get kids involved in sports and physical activity is something that I personally feel very strongly about. DZ: Does it mean even more to you as an athlete to be able to help get more kids involved in hockey by being a Jumpstart Ambassador? CMD: For sure, hockeys been good to me throughout my life and its given me a lot of opportunities, personally. Its taught me some great life lessons and skills that I can use for the rest of my life and I think its very important that kids get that opportunity as well, to play sports and do physical activities and learn life lessons that way, because I think that the lessons that Ive learned through hockey and sports are lessons that I can use for a life time. DZ: Finally, can you go BarDown? CMD: Uhhh, sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes I get lucky. ' ' '

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