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OWINGS MILLS, Md. [url=http://www.theeaglesshoponline.com/Youth-andre-dillard-eagles-
OWINGS MILLS, Md. Andre Dillard Jersey . - Terrell Suggs wore a gladiators mask during introductions at a Baltimore Ravens game this season in an effort to boost the spirit of his teammates for a duel with the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers.The stunt earned him a $5,512 fine from the NFL. It also aptly displayed the mentality Suggs brings to the field on game day, that of a fun-loving warrior.Hes entertaining and passionate at the same time, Ravens safety Will Hill said. Youre going to have fun, but its about business, too. You can see how dedicated and involved he is, not just with this organization but the game of football. Hes going to give his all on every snap, and he demands that from every player on the field with him.Ever since his mentor, Ray Lewis, stepped into retirement, Suggs has taken over as the leader and spokesman for Baltimores traditionally rugged defence. Its no coincidence that Suggs, like Lewis, is the last member of the unit to be introduced at home.After the kickoff, the real fun begins — at home or away.I love playing football, Suggs said. It doesnt matter where Im at.Suggs will often jabber at the competition and opposing fans, but his main job at outside linebacker is to help Baltimore win.Suggs broke into the NFL as a brash 20-year-old. Over the course of a dozen years, hes learned when to bark at an opponent and when to show respect.As the Ravens (11-6) prepare to face the New England Patriots (12-4) for the right to play in the AFC title game, Suggs has chosen the latter approach.In the past, Suggs insisted that New England quarterback Tom Brady received preferential treatment from referees. He also said: I dont like him, he dont like me. I dont like his hair.This week, Suggs toned it down to this: Hes a quarterback; Im a defender. He has a job to do, and so do I. Naturally, there are going to be some disagreements there.In eight career games against New England, Suggs has 20 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. If he continues to play as he has this season, hes sure to add to those numbers.Suggs started all 16 games and ranked third on the team with 61 tackles. He had 12 sacks, tied for the second most in his career, and his between-the-legs interception last weekend helped seal Baltimores 30-17 playoff win over Pittsburgh.It looks like its his third year out there, Brady said. Hes the leader of that defence, he makes great plays. ... I have a lot of respect for his ability to play the game at a high level. Hes phenomenal.Heard of that assessment, Suggs grinned and said, Did they record him? Like, they had a camera?Suggs says hes maintained a high level of play over the years because he got an early start to his career and has benefited from coach John Harbaughs tendency to occasionally give veterans time off during the practice week.It does help coming into the league at 20, Suggs said. I wasnt like 23 or 24 when I came. I dont know, I think the past couple years coach has been doing a good job taking care of me, backing off the reps in camp and backing off the reps down the stretch.On and off the field, Suggs has applied lessons learned from Lewis, safety Ed Reed and even Deion Sanders, who wrapped up his career with Baltimore in 2004-05.Ive had the privilege to be around real professionals, real vets, and not only just gods of the game, but guys that really know how to work and stay around the game for a long time, Suggs said. I had the luxury and the pleasure of being around guys like that. I got to learn it firsthand.Now, Suggs is one of the main figures in the Baltimore locker room.You have to have an emotional leader, and Suggs is definitely our emotional leader, Harbaugh said. Hes fun; he keeps things loose. He always has high energy. A lot of energy, a lot of focus — thats what he says.I enjoy him. I know that, and the rest of the guys do. Along those lines, hes never not ready to play at the highest possible level, and he does that week in and week out.___Online: AP NFL website: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP_NFL Ron Jaworski Eagles Jersey . The club says Fridays surgery was successful. Holiday, a former Eastern Conference All-Star acquired from Philadelphia last summer, has not played because of the shin injury since Jan. Shareef Miller Youth Jersey . - The Jacksonville Jaguars are leaning more toward playing injured quarterback Blake Bortles against Tennessee on Thursday night. http://www.theeaglesshoponline.com/Youth...es-Jersey/ . The Montreal Canadiens goaltender has won three of his four games since returning from a lower-body injury that kept him out from the end of the Olympic break until March 15.Professional football players are used to being graded for their on-field performances. Two members of the Toronto Argonauts are happy their recent off-field exploits werent under the same scrutiny. Kicker Swayze Waters and rookie long snapper Jake Reinhart took advantage of the recent bye week to explore the great outdoors. The trip was a resounding success, but at the same time it was almost worthy of the film Planes, Trains and Automobiles. On the surface it may seem like a curious pairing. Waters, a 27-year old from Jackson, Mississippi, is in his third season in the league, with a trio of NFL camps under his belt. Hes a household name among CFL fans. Reinhart, 24, was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, about 100 KM west of downtown Toronto. He finished his CIS career with his hometown Gryphons last year. Toiling in the relative obscurity of being a long snapper, hes a virtual unknown to even the most die-hard fans. The two first met a year ago when Reinhart, an undrafted free agent, attended Argo training camp before heading back for his final season with the Gryphons. The friendship blossomed this year when Reinhart made the double blue, replacing long-time long snapper Chad Rempel, who left the team to try out for the Chicago Bears of the NFL. The two became roommates on the road and coupled with the inordinate amount of time the duo spends together at practice, their friendship developed. The pair took advantage of the teams recent bye week by traveling to scenic Algonquin Park for a camping trip, borrowing a canoe from Reinharts brother. Algonquin Park is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. Established in 1893, Ontarios first provincial park covers 7,630 square KM, the southern border of which is about three hours north of Toronto. People travel from around the world to experience the parks lakes, rivers and wildlife.  The Mississippi native, an outdoorsman at heart, had recently read a book entitled Wild At Heart by John Eldredge, which the deeply religious Waters said was inspirational on more than one level. "Its a biblical perspective on how God made men," confided Waters. "And how we all have this thing inside of us that loves the unknown and adventure. After I read it I was just really fired up." "Im an outdoors guy anyways," continued the kicker, "And I knew we had this off week coming up. I had heard some people talk about Algonquin and how beautiful it was up there." With Algonquin Parks thousands of interconnected lakes and streams, weeks or even months of preparation can be used to best plot out which waterways, campsites and portage routes should be taken to maximize the experience. How much time did the special teams twosome take to intricately plan this exploration of the wilds? "After the Hamilton game I told Jake Hey, lets go to Algonquin tomorrow," said Waters. "It was just one of those deals." "That was all Swayzes idea," laughed Reinhart, "But as soon as he said it I was right on board." The pair decided shortly after the conclusion of the game in Hamilton that the time was right to load up the Reinharts mothers minivan and head north. After the decision was confirmed at 10pm Monday night, they were on the road at 9am the next morning. The intentions were good. The execution lefft a lot to be desired. Brian Westbrook Jersey. . Certain questions were yet to be answered, including "Exactly where was Algonquin Park?" "We knew it was north," chuckled Waters. "We knew we had to take (highway) 400 to get there and thats about it," confessed Reinhart. So without maps, a plan, or anything other than a vague idea of how to get there, the dynamic duo headed toward their ultimate destination. They ended up in the town of Huntsville, where they received advice from some of the locals, then proceeded to hit the local department store to stock up for the excursion. It was there that they bought a camping grill, or so they believed. "We thought we had purchased the grill set," admitted Reinhart, "but it was really just pots and pans because we just looked on the package and there was a picture of a grill." Oops. So then it was off the check in at the park and get a permit. They finally caught a bit of a break. "We showed up at the gate at about 4:50 and they closed at 5:00," admitted Waters. "So I think they knew we didnt have a plan. They were laughing at us." Undaunted, the Argos version of Lewis and Clark proceeded. While portaging over steep, sometimes rocky, sometimes muddy terrain wasnt particularly enjoyable, the canoeing through the pristine waters and undisturbed wilderness more than made up for it. That said, the two didnt quite have the chemistry in the canoe that they enjoy on the field. "We definitely didnt go in a straight line," deadpanned Waters, "It took us a while to figure out our rhythm, but for the first half we were zigzagging our way through the lakes and the rivers." As the crow flies they canoed 52 KM and portaged another six, but the directionally challenged adventurers ended up paddling much, much further than that. Despite taking the scenic route - both literally and figuratively - the pair didnt spot any moose or bears. The did however come in contact with one form of wildlife that was very happy to see them. Mice, and lots of them. "The first night we showed up real late, it was really dark," said Waters. "We didnt really get to our camp until it was completely dark. We unloaded all of our stuff out of the canoe, I got the GoPro out and we were videotaping our site." "Im looking at the food bag and theres a mouse running up the side of it," continued Waters. "I kicked it and then another one jumped out of the inside of the bag. We had literally been there for two minutes." If Waters connected with the rodent the way he did with the football the day before, the mouse may not have come down yet. It didnt deter the pests though, as they tormented them throughout the night. The trip continued with hellacious portages, unplanned trips through swamps and of course the lack of a grill. At one time they thought their journey was going to be a disaster, but they persevered and would jump at the chance to do it all over again. "Id do it again for sure, said a smiling Reinhart. "Next time wed be more prepared. Wed go in with a better plan." The pair has an off-day in Calgary on Sunday following Saturdays game with the Stampeders. Theyre toying with the idea of canoeing down the Bow River. Lets hope they bring a map. ' ' '

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