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قابل توجه دانشجویان معماری و علاقمندان به طراحی - نسخه‌ی قابل چاپ

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قابل توجه دانشجویان معماری و علاقمندان به طراحی - مسعود شفقی - 03-17-2012

با سلام خدمت تمامی کاربران عزیز
چند ساعت پیش ایمیلی از طرف یکی از دوستانم برام ارسال شد که ایشون عضو برگزار کننده این رقابت علمی هستند که با عنوان CTBUH 2012 International Student Tall Building Design Competition مطرح شده است.

اطلاعات کلی برای شما عزیزان در این پست قرار خواهم داد و اگر احیانا دوستان اطلاعات کامل تری هم خواستند براشون می پرسم و در اختیارتون قرار می دم.

تنها خواهشی که از دوستان دارم اینه که به این مسابقه خیلی دقیق فکر کنند و این این که شاید دیگران از اونها خیلی قوی تر یا ضعیف تر باشند اصلا فکر نکند، چون بیش از کسب مقام توی این مسابقه حضورش ارزشمند است چون تا جایی که اطلاع دارم اساتید برجسته جهان توی این مسابه حضور دارند و دیدار با این اساتید می تونه توی روند زندگیشون تاثیر زیادی داشته باشه.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is pleased to announce its 2nd Annual International Student Tall Building Design Competition to be held in conjunction with the CTBUH 9th World Congress Shanghai 2012.

The goal of the competition is to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society. As noted by the 2011 Competition Jury Chair, William Pedersen of Kohn Pedersen Fox, “There has been a major transition in the sense of the value of the tall building and what it can contribute to the urban realm, and society in general. This transition moves the tall building away from just an instrument of financial exploitation and toward a development highly concerned with its impact on the city, the environment, and the urban habitat.”

In light of global climate change, public awareness of urban sustainability has forced designers to rethink and reinvent the role of the high-rise building type. They must contribute to the protection of endangered environments and offer sustainable alternatives to how cities operate, as they meet the growing demands of urban dwelling and reshaping the landscape of modern cities. It is increasingly important that tall buildings connect with the urban fabric, integrating with the existing city/street life, and reflect the nature of the city in which they are built.

Participants are free to site their projects anywhere in the world. This is not to undervalue the importance of site, and thus participants should carefully consider their site (which must be a “real” site, in a real location) as the site context should inherently have significant influence over the project’s design. Participants are also free to determine the size, height, function, accommodation and responsibilities of the building. The intention is these freedoms on site and program will maximize the diversity and creativity of the responses. It is also intended to allow students from specific high-rise educational studies around the world during the 2011–12 academic year to submit their projects for consideration.
Some of the multi-layered elements that participants should take into consideration may include (in no particular hierarchy): local climate; urban grain; neighboring buildings; city requirements; community requirements; social responsibility; sustainability; efficiency of materials, space, and usage; aesthetics; proportions; local social and cultural conditions; materiality; new technologies; structure; innovative program/functionality; adaptability; etc.

Key Dates

January 2012 – Competition Formally Launched
Friday, June 22nd – Registration Deadline
Friday, July 6th – Submission Deadline
Wednesday, July 16th – Short-listed “Semi-finalists” Announced
Wednesday, July 30th – Top-five “Finalists” announced
Wednesday, September 19th-21st – CTBUH Shanghai Congress
Thursday, September 20th (afternoon) – Top-five “Finalists” present to jury in Shanghai
Thursday, September 20th (evening) – Winners announced and prizes conferred during Congress Dinner


All university students are invited to participate in the design competition. Multidisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged.
Team sizes are limited 1 minimum and 5 maximum individuals.
Only one single project can be submitted by any one individual/team.
Individuals cannot participate in more than one team.
Participants must register online by June 22, 2012.
All team members must submit proof of student status. Email a scanned copy of each student ID or other form of verification to competition@ctbuh.org
After your registration and student status has been approved, the CTBUH will issue you a unique registration number which will be necessary for the final submission

فقط می تونم بگم شرایط ایده آلی هستش و اگر طرح دوستان مورد قبول این انجمن قرار بگیره مطمئنا شرایط بسیار عالی براشون چه برای ادامه تحصیل و چه از لحظ شغلی و مادی فراهم می کنند چون این انجمن تنها انجمنی هستش که طراحی، اجرا و ساخت برج های بلند جهان رو تائید می کنه و باعث افتخار هستش که یکی دوستان بنده که ایرانی هم هستند از محاسب های برج خلیفه امارات و مسئول این انجمن در امور خاورمیانه هستش که در دانشگاه صنعتی شربف درس خونده و دکتری خودشون رو در دانشگاه برکلی به اتمام رسوندند.

فقط به خاطر داشته باشید ثبت نام به صورت آنلاین هستش و عزیزانی که تمایل به شرکت دارند پیام خصوصی بدهند و براشون اطلاعات کامل تر و سامانه ثبت نام رو براشون بفرستم.