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نسخه‌ی کامل: Vanillin manufacturers
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Natural Vanillin
Cas No:121-33-5
HS Code: 29124100
Einecs No:204-465-2
MF: C8H8O3
Performance and usages:
Natural vanillin production by biological method. (Streptomyces setonii) in Streptomyces V-1 can use ferulic acid as precursor, biotransformation of vanillin. Application of NaOH solution will prepare ferulic acid mother liquor was added into the V-1 transformation system, we can convert ferulic acid to vanillin efficiency, only by-products less optimization. V-1 medium carbon and nitrogen source system, obtained the highest conversion rate of 66.2%. cell concentration and transformation system of pH has great influence on the transformation effect. Adding adsorption resin can reduce the concentration of reaction solution product of vanillin, reduce the toxic effect on the cell; in fed batch conditions, the final concentration of vanillin the transformation system can reach 1.74%. can be used for biotransformation of isoeugenol to vanillin by another precursor. A strain of Bacillus pumilus (Bacillus pumilus) S-1 can be different The production of eugenol vanillin. By using TLC, GC, LC, GC-MS, LC-MS analysis method and column chromatography and made a lot of analysis on S-1 joined isoeugenol metabolites. The conversion process found in part of isoeugenol monomers into two poly and three innings and enter the degradation pathway; and according to the analysis of products that isoeugenol and a path through the metabolism of vanillin. And may be detected for isoeugenol into the intermediate product of vanillin pathway, speculated it into incense
The product packing :in 500g/tins ,40tins in one 20kg carton ,1000g/tins,20tins in one 20kg/carton , 25kg/drum or 20kg/drum,expiry life is 2 years (under suitable storage condition ), Which can meet the different package requirement of customers.
Index of technology
Content99.0% ~ 100.5%
OdorOdor and taste of vanilla
Loss on drying=<0.5%
Heavy metals (as PB)=<0.001%
Mercury -Hg=<0.0001%
Melting range81.0-83.0 ℃
Residue on ignition=<0.05%
Solubility (at 25℃)Soluble in alcohol,chloroform,ether,1g dissolves in 100ml water at 25℃,in 20ml glycerin.Vanillin manufacturers