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نسخه‌ی کامل: Standing Fan price
شما در حال مشاهده‌ی نسخه‌ی متنی این صفحه می‌باشید. مشاهده‌ی نسخه‌ی کامل با قالب بندی مناسب.
Product Introduction
Mobile industrial large fan is a newly developed landing commercial fan of our company, which can be moved to any place you need. This kind of fan originated from the limitations of large noise, small coverage area and high energy consumption of popular landing fan. Unlike other high-speed fans, Super Fans allow you to feel the surge of a lot of air quietly between talking and laughing.
Product Parameter (specification)
1.Soundless operation
Noise level 锛?0dB(A).When fan is running, standing at the vent to talk is not affected.
2.Modular Installation
The fan as a whole is composed of several modules, which solves the difficult problem of inconvenient handing. Portable, easy to move with 4 wheels
After sales service:
鈥e respect your feed back after receive the goods.
鈥e provide 12-24 months warranty after goods arrive.
鈥e handle well your complain within 48hours.
Professional sales:
鈥e value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer.
鈥e cooperate with customer to bid tenders. Provide all necessory document.
鈥e are a sales team, with all techinical support from engineer team.
Q: Can you provide sample?
A: Yes we can provide sample but customer should pay cost of sample and freight charge.
Q: How about the delivery time?
A: It depends on your quantity.
Q: Do you provide OEM Service?
A: Yes. We do provide OEM Service, we help you customize the logo, size.Standing Fan price